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Written Communication Masterclass - Become a persuasive communicator

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Training Course Overview

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The art of business writing has changed over the last 20 years. Long phrases and jargon, the ‘business-ease’ that was the hallmark of business writing in the past has seen its day.

In business writing, less is most certainly more.

When we write we must engage the reader and encourage them into what is often a long document. Above all, a business document is a sales tool, and must be written with the reader in mind in order to create or enhance the all-important business relationship.

In order to do this, it is important to understand both ourselves as writers, and the readers of the documents we prepare. If we can’t know the reader, we must write for a ‘whole-brain’ audience. This course looks at the tools that help you communicate to specific readerships, and also the difficult ‘whole-brain’ readership.

Using laptop based activities, you will receive practice and feedback to help cement the theory from the day. This course has been described as “…more that a writing course… but an entirely new way of looking at the way we communicate”.

1 Day, 8:30am - 5:00pm
Informa Corporate Learning
Perth TBA by IIR
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Detailed Course Information

Session 1: Understand yourself as a writer

  • Understand your personality profile and how it affects your writing

  • Learn how others perceive you through your writing

  • Formulate a checklist to improve your written communication in line with your personality

Session 2: Understanding others as readers

  • Understand the writing preferences of particular personality types

  • Create a checklist for when writing to particular types

  • Learn how to write for a ‘whole-brain’ audience

Session 3: Develop an understanding of general writing trends and changes

  • Understand why and how reading has changed over the past 50 years

  • Learn to write with these changes in mind

  • Forecast possible future changes in business writing so as to be better prepared

Session 4: Revise basic grammar, punctuation and page layout

  • Re-learn the basics of punctuation and grammar

  • Understand the importance and basics of good page layout.

  • Establish what works when it comes to fonts, size and colour

  • Create a page layout formula for communicating to certain brain types

Session 5: Develop a formula for speedy writing that works for your personality

  • Understand the ‘plan, write, edit, format’ writing formula

  • Learn how to write business documents faster using amendments to this formula that suit your personality

  • Learn to edit your work quickly

Session 6: Overcome slow starts and writers block without a headache

  • Learn how to overcome writer’s block – the bane of all business writers

  • Use the unblocking tools that suit your thinking type

  • Practice unblocking skills

Session 7: Understand the psychology of effective email writing

  • Learn the most up-to-date theories on email psychology

  • Understand what works and what doesn’t in emails and attachments

  • Use neuro-linguistic writing tools to create relationships between your business and potential clients

Session 8 and throughout the day: Put the writing theory into practice with tailored exercises

  • Understand how the theory applies to proposals, reports and emails

  • Receive practice and feedback in all of the above using laptop based exercises

  • Recognise how reading has changed in this information age, and how to write accordingly
  • Assess your personality profile and how it affects your writing
  • Analyse the reading style of your reader to better tailor your writing style to their needs
  • Discover how build relationships rather than have them broken down by the communication process
  • Understand how to write business documents faster using the PWEF formula
  • Learn how to overcome writer’s block to improve your speed and productivity
  • Identify the basics of good page layout
  • Use neuro-linguistic writing tools to create relationships with your readers
  • Understand key elements of a powerful executive summary

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