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Boardrooms, Budgets & Business Plans

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Budgets, politics and business planning - they sound like tough topics - but with Wendy Johns enthusiastic facilitation and a highly interactive workshop design you'll leave energised, focused and with a smile on your face! This is a must for anyone in an L&D Management role - especially if you find yourself restricted by the larger organisation, haven't progressed for some time, or just feel you need to be part of an ongoing community of practice or L&D Managers.

* How can I be politically savvy without selling my soul?
* What's the best way to ensure my budget gets approved next year?
* Where do I start to create a strategically aligned business plan?
* Why does my approach to these topics impact my career path?

Boardrooms, Budgets and Business Plans - Career Boosters! addresses the gap in current professional development for L&D professionals. It’s a practical workshop that covers the fundamentals of building your career through better application of business acumen and management of organisational politics.

This workshop will be presented by Wendy Johns
Author of T&D in Australia magazine's ‘Guru Quest’ column, Wendy knows the highs and lows of corporate Australia and how to circumvent brick walls. Having learnt the hard way she’s committed to making the path easier for other L&D/OD Managers. Prior National Head of L&D for Jones Lang LaSalle Australia, Wendy has also worked in L&D Manager roles in Africa, Dubai and the Caribbean; for employers including the Department of. Foreign Affairs and Trade, Kempinski Hotels, Carnival Cruise Lines and QR. Wendy holds a Degree in International Business … and your general raft of trainers certifications. This workshop will be as fun, diverse and challenging as Wendy’s CV

1 Day
Brisbane TBA by AITD
Public / Open

Detailed Course Information


* Core responsibilities for the contemporary L&D manager

* Action Learning components and practice run

* Boardrooms: Relationships, politics and blowing your own horn!

* Budgets: Templates / Tools, discerning points of pain, using TNA’s

* Business Plans: Templates / Tools, strategic alignment, delivery models

* Identify personal attitudes to business management that inhibit your career growth * Devise a relationship building action plan to open the boardroom door * Draft a strategically aligned business plan for your L&D function * Select L&D budget planning tools for your operations * Compile a comprehensive ‘cheat sheet’ of tips and tricks to apply professionally and personally * Generate solutions to persistent L&D management problems * Create a support network of connections with other L&D/OD managers

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