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50564 - Introduction to HTML5

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Training Course Overview

Training Course ID: (NH)-10311

This two-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to work with HTML5. Students will start by getting their hands dirty and jumping right into HTML5 code. They will learn about the new HTML5 structural, semantic, and form tags, how to use Canvas to create drawings natively in the browser, how to work with HTML5 audio and video, the new methods for storing variables client-side, and how to build applications that work offline. Along the way, they will learn about the current state of browser support for HTML5 and the theory behind all the changes that have been made.

2 Days, 9am-5pm
New Horizons
Level 6, St. Martins Tower 31 Market Street Sydney NSW 2000
Public / Open

Detailed Course Information

• Module 1: Laying out a Page with HTML5
• Module 2: HTML5 - How We Got Here
• Module 3: Sections and Articles
• Module 4: HTML5 Audio and Video
• Module 5: HTML5 Forms
• Module 6: HTML5 Web Storage
• Module 7: HTML5 Canvas
• Module 8: Integrated APIs
After completing this course, students will be able to: • Start building HTML5 pages • Understand the major benefits of HTML5 • Understand the difference between HTML5 and HTML 4 • Be familiar with HTML5's new elements and attributes • Work with audio and video in HTML5 • Work with HTML5's new Canvas element to create code-based drawings • Use Web Storage for offline applications • Use all the cool new HTML5 form elements • Understand the current state of browser support for HTML5 and how to make HTML5 sites degrade gracefully


Target Audience: This course is intended for students who have experience with HTML 4, basic CSS, and basic Java Script. Pre-requisites: Before attending this course, students must have experience in: • HTML 4 • Basic CSS • Basic Java Script • Experience in JSON, DOM and Ajax is also beneficial

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