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This method is now rapidly being taken up by corporations such as Du Pont, IBM, NASA Prudential Texas Instruments, NTT, Statoil, Shell and JP Morgan.

    Six Thinking Hats is a flexible and easy-to-use thinking process that leads to amazing results with innovative thinking, improved communication, and reduced meeting time.
    In traditional thinking we constantly find ourselves in conflict. Each side seeks to criticise the other point of view.
    The Six Thinking Hats method, however, encourages Parallel Thinking, where everyone explores all sides of an issue at the same time.

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Detailed Course Information

Six Thinking Hats is a critical and creative thinking training course from Edward de Bono that helps individuals and organisations throughout the world become more effective, innovative thinkers.

Six Thinking Hats is a simple and practical way of using the collective intelligence of a group to increase the quality and quantity of outcomes in meetings whilst dramatically shortening meetings, (up to 75% time saving).

    • Understand why we need to change our thinking behaviour.
    • Understand why argument is inadequate and why very little new thinking is accomplished at meetings.
    • Discover an effective process for structuring meetings and focusing thinking.
    • Hold critical meetings without emotions or egos contributing to bad decision making.
    • Avoid the easy but mediocre decisions organisations make by not fully exploring the subject and further possibilities.
    • Increase productivity and effectiveness of meeting outcomes.
    • Maximise and organise each person’s thoughts and ideas.
    • Get to the right solution quickly and with everyone understanding the vision.
    • Encourage thinking outside the square with lateral thinking tools such as random word, the concept triangle and quota brainstorming.
    • Turn disagreements into positive contributions.
    • Understand the importance of emotions (red hat) in company change programs and how to use them to lesson the resistance of change.

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