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Training Course Overview

Training Course ID: (MCI)-00013

In an increasingly competitive and service focused market, customers expect and demand increased levels of service. This course provides extremely useful and practical approaches to handle this fact including strategies and techniques for identifying customer needs. Those who will best benefit from attending this include all those who need to deal with customer service issues as part of their job role or those who need to enhance and develop their ability to deliver world-class customer service.

1 Day, 9:00am - 4:30pm
Management Consultancy International
Level 4, 23 Hunter St, Sydney
Public / Open

Detailed Course Information

Provide skills to meet internal and external customer requirements, to ensure delivery of quality products/services and to monitor, adjust and report customer service.
  • Define internal and external customers as they apply to the team and the organisation
  • Understand the customer value chain understanding the key elements of customer retention
  • Understand customer needs and expectations ask appropriate questions and document outcomes
  • Promote and market features and perceived benefits of products and services how to promote and market appropriately
  • Understand market segmentation strategies that work
  • See the importance of outstanding customer service the impact on the business and the overall key performance areas
  • Ask 'is the customer always right?' Dealing with "difficult" customers and managing conflict
  • Idenity a team member as a customer service champion
  • Identify and agree on customer service processes and specifications
  • Understand customer service KPIs as part of the overall team and organisational priorities
  • Optimise buy-in from your team for your customer service focus and goals
  • Monitor customer service delivery create an audit trail
  • Initiate, analyse and collate customer feedback and ensure that it become part of the knowledge management system
  • Recognise that customer service improvement as an on-going issue
  • Understand customer service problems and issues strategies to approach them
  • Coach and mentor your team for customer service


Relationship to Competency Standards and Qualification Pathways:

  • Core competency unit Manage quality customer service BSMFLM507A leading to qualification Diploma in Business (Frontline Management,BSB51001).
  • Elective competency unit Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies BSMCMN401A leading to qualification Certificate IV in Business (Frontline Management, BSB41001).
  • Elective competency unit Deliver and monitor a service to customers leading to qualification Certificate III in Business (Fronline Management, BSB30501).

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