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Creating Lasting Customer Experiences

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Training Course Overview

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Customers are the lifeblood of any business. This course encourages you to critically examine your business in order to ensure that its service culture and actions are truly customer centric. You will learn a range of tools and techniques to improve the first impressions as well as the lasting impressions you give to your customers, thus encouraging repeat business and referrals.

1 Day
Drake Training International
Level 1, 80 King WIlliam St, Adelaide SA 5000
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Detailed Course Information

Experience not service

  • What is a great customer experience?
  • Why experience not service?
  • Types of customer experiences
  • How a customer experiences a business

Diagnostic clinic

  • Impact of poor/great customer experiences

Customer expectations

  • Expectations and your type of business
  • Publicity and marketing and expectations

Creating terrific first impressions

  • Phone impressions
  • Face to face impressions
  • Web impressions
  • Written impressions

Cementing great lasting impressions

  • Consistency and quality
  • Exceeding expectations

Difficult customers

  • Tools for dealing with conflict
  • Turn complaint into compliment

Planning into action

Upon course completion, participants will be able to:

  • Take a customer centric view of your business
  • Describe the impact of poor customer experiences
  • Evaluate the experiences that your customers currently receive
  • Describe the relationship between customer expectation and your business
  • Identify all the channels by which your customers experience your business
  • Improve the first impressions you give your customers
  • Improve the lasting impressions you give your customers
  • Deal effectively with difficult customers
  • Prepare an action plan for your future development

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