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Coaching 2.0 (1 Day)

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Training Course Overview

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Huthwaites Coaching 2.0 for Sales Effectiveness workshop is based on the fundamental principle that coaching is essential to optimising sales force productivity. The workshop helps companies achieve systematic skill improvement through manager involvement as coaches.

1 Day
100 Walker St, North Sydney, NSW 2060
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Detailed Course Information

Just as salespeople need good selling models, coaches also need models to guide their behaviour. The Coaching for Sales Effectiveness workshop will give front-line sales managers the knowledge and skills to effectively coach their sales teams.

Programme participants will learn how to:

  • use researched coaching models to interact with sales professionals in a way that reinforces the desired selling standards
  • avoid barriers and traps that hinder coaching efforts and undermine sales goals
  • optimise coaching time by erasing doubts about when to coach versus when to sell
  • aid salespeople in planning calls that achieve positive, bottom-line results
  • recognise and encourage specific behaviours that correlate with overall success, rather than rely on quotas to measure performance
  • establish coaching priorities by identifying members of the sales team who will most benefit from coaching
  • The Coaching for Sales Effectiveness workshop is based on Huthwaites field-tested coaching models. By engaging in a series of exercises and receiving objective feedback from others in the class, participants will begin to develop coaching skills while in the classroom.
  • Coaching for Sales Effectiveness provides:
  • customised scenarios for practicing successful coaching behaviours in realistic situations
  • exercises to identify and overcome common selling mistakes
  • structured discussions for implementing individual coaching plans as well as organisation-wide performance goals
Participants in the Coaching for Sales Effectiveness workshop will be able to:
  • overcome coaching fears and create receptivity to coaching
  • build team support for coaching and skill improvement
  • provide feedback in a way that motivates and leads to positive change
  • help salespeople plan their objectives before a call
  • watch salespeople and collect relevant information during a call
  • use data after a call to determine what coaching is needed
  • enhance the ability of sellers to better understand their customers business issues

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