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Coaching for High Performance

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Training Course Overview

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You can motivate by fear, and you can motivate by reward. But both those methods are only temporary. The only lasting thing is self motivation. ~Homer Rice

    Poor management results in a huge cost to organisations. Although a disturbing truth, most of the time people do not leave organisations, they leave managers. Often they leave organisations due to lack of development opportunities.
    To lead a team of self motivated people focussed on their own performance improvement and development, managers need to adopt a coaching-based management style where there is a relationship of openness and honesty and a desire to unlock people’s potential.

2 Days, 9:00am - 5:00pm
People for Success
Level 13, 68 York Street, Sydney
In-House / On-Site

Detailed Course Information

The purpose of ‘Coaching for High Performance’, is to provide team leaders, managers, supervisors and human resources professionals with the skills needed to develop their people to use their own intellect and develop their own potential to solve problems, think creatively and look for opportunities to improve their performance and the organisation's overall effectiveness.

    This transformational program has the potential to assist leaders to engage, retain, develop and inspire team members to give their best.
    • Explore the leadership mindset that is essential to engage, retain and develop team members.
    • Understand the power of coaching and how it can improve individual, team and organisational performance.
    • Understand and apply the latest discoveries in neuroscience to improve individual and group performance.
    • Differentiate between training and coaching.
    • Identify the qualities of an effective coach.
    • Identify the essential coaching principles such as building awareness before action, believing in potential and encouraging the team member to take responsibility.
    • Understand the negative effect of giving advice and solutions and how it undermines performance.
    • Identify Thomas Gordon’s Communication Blockers and how they impede communication.
    • Practice the critical coaching skills of building rapport, listening and giving feedback.
    • Construct a comprehensive set of coaching questions using John Whitmore’s GROW coaching model.
    • Conduct a full coaching session with another participant working on a ‘real’ issue whilst being assessed by an observer.

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