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Management Consultancy International

Certificate IV in Business Sales (BSB40607)

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Training Course Overview

Training Course ID: (MCI)-00017

Build yourself a toolkit of new techniques and tactics to further your sales career. Gain practical and useful insights into more effective ways of dealing with customers and closing sales. Add to this the value of a nationally recognized qualification and this is your best way for career advancement. Designed for Sales people who currently hold roles in sales and who require a broader knowledge base in a wide variety of business sales contexts. Learn how to apply these skills in a practical way that boosts sales figures and assists you in meeting your targets.

The certificate is broken down into 3 different sessions. These sessions are:
Session 1& 2 (commencement dates for this module are listed above)
Session 3 & 4
Session 5 & 6

Commencement dates for session 2-3 will be provided by the provider once enrollment for the certificate has been accepted.

6 Non Consecutive Days, 9:00am - 4:30pm
Management Consultancy International
Level 4, 23 Hunter St, Sydney
Public / Open

Detailed Course Information

This program provides techniques for applying solutions for unpredictable problems, and analysing and evaluating information from a variety of sources.
    Module 1
  • BSBPRO401A Develop product knowledge.
  • BSBREL402A Build client relationships and business networks.
  • - Understand and explore the sales cycle - Different communication styles and how to adapt to other styles - Use DISC profiling to work more effectively with customers - The basics of building positive relationships – power vs poison phrases - Active listening skills to build rapport and to obtain key information - Do you know what you are selling – design an ‘elevator’ pitch with confidence – what is your unique selling proposition - Understand the difference between benefits and features - Become self-motivated to remain positive and focused Module 2
  • BSBSLS402A Identify sales prospects.
  • - Plan the structure of a face to face session OR the structure of a telephone sales consultation - Do your research and be prepared - Use a range of effective questioning techniques – it is about the customer’s needs! - Create different types of SPIN questions to convert implied needs into explicit needs - Ask Situation questions - Identify problems through asking Problem questions - Learn how to ask Implication questions - Practice asking Need-payoff questions Module 3
  • BSBSLS406A Self-manage sales performance.
  • BSBSLS404A Secure prospect commitment.
  • - Advance your negotiation skills to advance the sale - Become a power negotiator to win the customer’s confidence - Overcome objections to close the sale - Deal with primary and secondary objections and handle the ‘stallers’ - Develop the confidence to influence others using the principles of the influence guru, Robert Cialdini - Find the time to sell – strategies to avoid ‘busy-ness’ and keep sales as your priority - Use ‘quieter’ times effectively and increase efficiency Module 4
  • BSBCUS401A Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies
  • BSBCUS402A Address customer needs.
  • BSBSLS403A Present a sales solution.
  • - Create a sales presentation that has that ‘wow’ factor - Develop networking skills and foster customer relationships - Excellence in customer service – ensure that you have repeat business - Work effectively as part of a sales team - Practice in a range of simulated calls or sales visits that reflect potential situations and acquire the attributes of a successful sales person environment Module 5
  • BSBOHS407A Monitor a safe workplace.
  • BSBCMM401A Make a presentation.
  • - Ensure that OHS is understood and applied in a sales environment - Summary of all units and final wrap-up of program Content based on choice of electives according to job roles and could include – - Individual coaching in real working contexts and additional practice of skills - Completing post-sales activities - Prospecting for leads and cold-calling

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