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we do

What we actually do

We have a small but (quite frankly) amazing team. Our vision? What we do is pretty straightforward really, we streamline the process of matching the right training with the right people.

you look

What you look like

We want you to be who you are and love what you do... because that is exactly what we are about. We believe the key to developing the best version of our product is motivating, engaging and listening to our team and we are committed to attracting and retaining the best.

we look

What we look like

It’s hard to say exactly what we look like because we are a dynamic company that is growing and changing, but there are a few things that we will never change.

We offer some great perks; fortnightly massages (yes you did read that correctly), Friday afternoon drinks, a lucrative bonus scheme, and the best one... You get your birthday off work. And that’s just naming some. But we also know that it isn’t the perks (as much as we all love massage day) that make this place so great – it is our team. They are challenged, inspired and proud of the work that they are doing.

you fit

Where would you fit...

Creatives: We love the creative sorts who are reliable and proactive (‘head in the clouds’ types need not apply). You will be able to demonstrate the ability to come up with unique ideas and ways of showing the world just how great our product is.

IT: If you have a love for IT and web development then you would fit right in with these guys. Basically, this team know how to get things done and do what it takes to make that happen.

Sales: We ask a lot of our Sales Team, they’re the ones who tell the world how great mytraining.net is. If you have extensive sales experience and want to know more we would love to hear from you.

Operations: These are the people who think big, love a challenge and have serious ideas about where this can go. For them it is all about the process.

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