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Bid Management & Evaluation

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Training Course Overview

Training Course ID: (CIPSA)-1086

Our practical two-day course will equip you with the knowledge and tools to:

  • Describe the market approach process in terms of the end to end activities and list the activities that are appropriate at each phase.
  • Select the most appropriate market approach for a given procurement and design a process likely to achieve the procurement objectives.
  • Develop a bid package and other detailed plans that defines the procurement objectives and manages the risks in the process appropriately.
  • Develop and conduct bid evaluation processes in such a way that an outcome may be reached which selects the best offer/s.
  • Manage probity throughout the process to ensure the integrity and objectivity of the process.

2 Days, 9:00am - 5:00pm
CIPS Australasia
1/440 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Public / Open

Detailed Course Information

1 - The bidding and evaluation process

2 - Driving out procurement objectives

3 - Designing the market approach in overview

4 - Assembling the bid package

5 - Designing the bid evaluation mechanism

6 - Managing probity during the process

7 - Managing evaluation in practice

8 - Translating the decision into action

9 - Dealing with problems

  • Greater understanding of designing bid documents and maximising the likelihood of receiving competitive offers.
  • More likelihood that the bid evaluation framework will identify the best value offers.
  • Less likelihood that the bid process will be derailed by low participation rates by suppliers or evaluation mechanisms that have to be ""fudged"" to deliver the right outcome.
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