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Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel

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Training Course Overview

Training Course ID: (PS)-00012

In the ever-changing business environment, being able to accurately model and forecast the volatile economic inputs is a critical skill for business professionals. Build on your existing modelling skills and apply new techniques to better analyse financial data, predict revenues and cost and assess risks to justify business decision in the most time-efficient and effective way.

1 Day, 9:00am - 5:00pm
Plum Solutions
Level 8, 500 Collins Street Melbourne
Public / Open

Detailed Course Information

    Financial Modelling Theory and Best Practice
  • Overview of best practice financial modelling techniques
  • Model planning structure and steps in building your model
  • The technical, design, business and industry knowledge required for financial modelling
  • Selecting the formula or tool which is most appropriate for each modelling situation
  • Attributes of a good financial model
  • How long should a formula be?
  • Deciding when to break a complex formula in several steps to maintain transparency and allowing ease of model auditing

  • Advanced Financial Modelling Techniques
  • Maintaining model integrity and avoiding Excel errors
  • Rebuilding an inherited model
  • Building self-balancing error checks
  • Correcting and suppressing errors
  • Fixing circular references

  • Advanced Financial Modelling Tools and Functions
  • Pros and cons of using array functions
  • Useful functions in financial modelling such as INDEX, MATCH, CHOOSE , OFFSET, LOOKUP and TRANSPOSE

  • Nesting formulas
  • Using aggregation and array functions to perform complex conditional calculations
  • Learn how to have Excel automate variance analysis using complex conditional formatting
  • Automate your financial model for the user with Macros. Recording and modifying VBA code and creating macro buttons

  • Pivot tables – summarise, dissect and analyse large amounts of data
  • Shortcuts for data manipulation in Excel

  • Bullet-proofing Your Model
  • Protect your model so that it can be used by anyone with a limited use of Excel
  • Locking and protecting cells
  • Restriction incorrect data entry with data validations
  • Creating error validation messages
  • Use of form controls such as spin buttons and combo boxes

  • Stress testing to deal with uncertainty and risk in Financial Modelling
  • Economic inputs to model and modelling fluctuations in external factors
  • Use of stress testing to validate your underlying assumptions and risk calculations

  • Advanced What-if analysis
  • Importance of assumptions when assessing risk

  • Scenarios and sensitivity analysis
  • Show multiple scenario outcomes simultaneously with one and two-dimensional Data Tables
  • Using the Scenario Manager

  • Manual scenario building

  • Practical Exercise: At each step during the course, participants build and practice each formula, tool and technique. Record your own macro with buttons, build a pivot table, and create drop-down boxes.

    Practical Financial Modelling
  • Building on the tools and techniques covered, we will learn to apply advanced modelling skills to build complex, yet robust and user-friendly financial models.

  • Tiering Tables
  • Financial Model Critque
  • Factory Rollout Model

  • Practical Exercises: Utilising the tools and techniques covered in the first part of the day, participants will build their own financial model case study, performing stress testing, scenario and sensitivity analysis on their model."
    You will learn how to:
  • Streamline model building by applying best practice functions, tools and techniques
  • Apply commonly used formulas in new and different ways
  • Deal with risk and uncertainty by creating scenarios and performing sensitivity analysis
  • Build stress-tests, what-if and sensitivity analysis into your model by incorporating economic fluctuations
  • Minimise manual labour and automate common tasks by building macros into your models
  • Measure and interpret the performance of your company using Excel modelling
  • Master key steps to get the most out of Excel functionality to improve your financial modelling
  • Learn how to expediate and enhance the decision-making process
  • Maximise your analytical abilities by learning conventional and new approaches of modelling
  • Translate business concepts into logically structured models and formats
  • Select which advanced formulas are appropriate in different situations
  • Perform various advanced scenario modelling techniques"

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