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Compliance Program Design and Management

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Training Course Overview

Training Course ID: (SAI)-10061

A three day accredited program for experienced systems professionals who need to research, plan and manage multiple compliance requirements within their business unit, organisation and/or industry. Systems professionals attending this course will find themselves better positioned to manage the multiple compliance requirements and changes within their organisation, in a manner that is both innovative and focused on continuous process improvement for their organisation.

Who should attend:
Senior Management Systems Specialists - at a corporate or group level in an organisation - who are responsible for the ongoing compliance and continuous improvement of the organisation's or group level management system/s.
Senior Process Improvement Professionals - at a corporate or group level of an organisation - who are responsible for the successful implementation and/or set up of a compliance system with a continuous improvement and innovation focus
Senior Risk and Compliance Managers - at a corporate or group level of an organisation - who are responsible for ensuring that ongoing organisational compliance is well researched, planned, implemented and managed in a way that is both innovative and continuously improved
Lead Auditor Professionals - looking to further develop their approach to the management of compliance within their organisation's management system/s.

3 Days, 9:00am-5:00pm
Public / Open

Detailed Course Information

During the three day course the following three topics will be covered:
• Determining Compliance Requirements - using a structured research protocol, identify compliance requirement relevant to your industry, organisation, products and services.
• Establish a Compliance System - designed to meet all the compliance needs of your organisation including statutory and regulatory requirements, industry standards, and client expectations.
• Implementing an Innovation and Continual Improvement Program - utilising results of compliance system reviews, client and employee feedback, and best practice ideas to enhance processes, products and services
Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to: • Determine the purpose and scope of compliance research that needs to be undertaken to meet legal and client obligations • Define a compliance research plan and gather the required data • Analyse the collected data in a manner that is meaningful to the organisation • Document and communicate the compliance research outcomes • Identify compliance requirements and an appropriate system for recording them • Plan, document and establish a compliance management system • Review a compliance system and its processes • Understand the components of an Innovation and Continuous Improvement framework • Use a Innovation and Continuous framework to ensure new ideas and improvements are managed in a consistent and systematic manner. Achievement Upon successful completion of all formal assessments, participants will receive: Statement of AttainmentBSBCOM601B Research compliance requirements and issuesBSBCOM603B Plan and establish compliance management systemsBSBMGT608B Manage innovation and continuous improvement


Upon successful completion of all formal assessments, participants will receive:

Statement of Attainment
BSBCOM601B Research compliance requirements and issues
BSBCOM603B Plan and establish compliance management systems
BSBMGT608B Manage innovation and continuous improvement

This course is part of the learning pathway leading to BSB60607 Advanced Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety and to BSB60407 Advanced Diploma of Management.


As this course is a higher level qualification under the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) it is expected that participants possess the following skills, knowledge and experience prior to enrolment in the course: • Previous exposure and experience in a compliance or management systems related role • Access to appropriate documentation, systems and resources normally used in the workplace to manage compliance • Currently working in a role that requires monitoring and/or accountability of compliance requirements for an organisation, business unit or industry (minimum 3-5 years compliance or management systems experience) N.B: This is NOT a course for those participants who are new to managing compliance or management systems. Access to a workplace is also required in order to be able to complete the post-course assessment. • Special Note: Please note that this course is NOT focused on any one area of compliance but is designed to give participants the tools to be able to research, identify, plan and set up a system that meets the compliance obligations of their organisation.

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