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A+ (ESS) - CompTIA A+ Essentials

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Training Course Overview

Training Course ID: (NH)-10208

This comprehensive course is taught at an accelerated pace. In order to have a successful learning experience, students should have existing knowledge of, and support experience with, networked desktop and notebook computers, as well as advanced user-level skills in Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows 2000 Professional. Many of these skills and knowledge can be obtained by completing the following courses: Windows Vista: Basic and Window Vista: Advanced, or Windows XP SP2: Basic and Windows XP SP2: Advanced.

5 Days, 9:00am - 5:00pm
New Horizons
Level 6, St. Martins Tower 31 Market Street Sydney NSW 2000
Public / Open

Detailed Course Information

  • Unit 1: Troubleshooting methodology
  • Unit 2: Operating systems
  • Unit 3: Electricity and power supplies
  • Unit 4: CPUs and motherboards
  • Unit 5: The Basic Input/Output System
  • Unit 6: Memory systems
  • Unit 7: Bus structures
  • Unit 8: Expansion cards
  • Unit 9: Peripheral connection types
  • Unit 10: Data storage devices
  • Unit 11: Video utput and image input devices
  • Unit 12: Printers
  • Unit 13: Connecting computers
  • Unit 14: Networking computers
  • Unit 15: Network troubleshooting
  • Unit 16: Portable computers
  • Unit 17: Windows management
  • Unit 18: Windows monitoring
  • Unit 19: Operating system troubleshooting
  • Unit 20: Security
  • Unit 21: Windows installation and upgrades
  • Unit 22: Safety and maintenance

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