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10263 - Develop Windows Communication Foundation Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

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Training Course Overview

Training Course ID: (DDLS)-10190

This three-day instructor-led course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to develop distributed applications using WCF 4 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

3 Days
Third Floor, 11-17 Dorcas St, South Melbourne, VIC 3205
Public / Open

Detailed Course Information

Module 1: Service-Oriented Architecture
Module 2: Getting Started with Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Development
Module 3: Hosting Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Services
Module 4: Defining and Implementing Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Contracts
Module 5: Endpoints and Behaviors
Module 6: Testing and Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Services
Module 7: Security
Module 8: Introduction to Advanced Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Topics
After completing this course, students will be able to: Implement Service-Oriented Architecture tenets in WCF services Host WCF services in a variety of Windows hosts Define and implement WCF service contracts, data contracts, and message contracts Use multiple endpoints with various messaging patterns Test, troubleshoot, monitor, and diagnose WCF services Ensure service reliability using transactions and message queues Secure WCF services using message and transport security Extend WCF using behaviors, dispatchers, inspectors, and formatters


Before attending this course, students must have: Understanding of the problem-solving techniques that apply to software development. General understanding of the purpose, function, and features of the .NET Framework. Experience developing software using Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Studio 2010. Experience in object-oriented design and development using the C# programming language. Experience in n-tier application design and development.

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